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News Release


04 September 2003

A video featuring the rebuilding of the new Bhuj Hospital has been produced by Story!inc and Execam of the Wellington-based Creative Capital Cluster.

The 4 minute video first shows the devastation caused by the collapse of the Bhuj Hospital during the major January 2001 Gujarat earthquake. Attention is then focused on the reconstruction of the new earthquake-resistant base-isolated hospital.

There are two versions of the video, one is bi-lingual Hindi and English, and the other is Turkish.

The video features the leading Indian architects, engineers and construction company involved in the project with the assistance of New Zealand's specialist earthquake engineering experts. It also includes the computer model of the earthquake-resistant base-isolation building designed by fellow NZ Earthquake Engineering cluster members Holmes Consulting Group and Dunning Thornton Consultants.

Another interesting feature in the video is the graphic demonstration of how the New Zealand base isolation lead rubber bearings work and how they were installed in the new Bhuj Hospital. This bearing technology was invented, manufactured and supplied by NZ Earthquake Engineering Cluster member Robinson Seismic Ltd.

Robinson Seismic Ltd has posted this video in their FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server. FTP is a language that allows computers to communicate with one another. Earthquake Engineering cluster members are taking advantage of this communication technology to transfer and share files with their partners and customers over the Internet.

The video can be copied from the following Internet address:

It is important to note that transferring the Bhuj Hospital video file to your computer may take time; it all depends on the type of Internet connection that is being used and the speed of the modem.

If you are experiencing problems viewing the file just right click on the icon for the video and then select copy to folder.



For further information, contact:
David Hopkins
Earthquake Engineering NZ
Phone: 64 4 569 7840

Graeme Carroll
Cluster Facilitator

Phone: 64 4 470 5554


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