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GeoNet Assists Vietnam and Pacific

30 September 2007

GNS Science is providing GeoNet expertise as part of project work being undertaken in Vietnam and Vanuatu in the Pacific. GeoNet provides real-time monitoring and data collection of earthquake, volcano, landslide, and tsunami hazards.

GeoNet is now well into its seventh year of operation within New Zealand where it provides national scale coverage for hazards detection, emergency response and data collection to increase the quality, applicability and confidence limits of hazards and engineering research.

GeoNet consists of national broadband seismograph, accelerograph and continuous GPS networks and dense networks in areas of high hazards such as active volcanoes and major fault lines. Data collected is then transmitted to independent centres.

As part of the continual upgrading of the GeoNet system, Canterbury Seismic Instruments Ltd ( have provided new accelerograph monitoring equipment for the major Alpine fault area in the South Island region of New Zealand.

Important features of GeoNet are the integration of a wide range of monitoring networks and technologies into a national system, the provision of hazards alerts and availability of high quality research data.

GeoNet analyses, locates and archives over 15,000 earthquakes each year within the New Zealand region. It also provides locally recorded data from global earthquakes to the International Seismological Centre in the United Kingdom, and preliminary earthquake information to the National Earthquake Information Center, part of the United States Geological Survey responsible for locating major earthquakes worldwide. The waveform data and the located hypocentres are freely available to the worldwide community of researchers through the Resources section of this website.

All information collected by GeoNet is freely available to the public, and for rapid response and research. It is funded by the Earthquake Commission and designed, operated and maintained by GNS Science.

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