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News Release from Earthquake Engineering

10th World Conference of the Anti-Seismic Systems International Society (ASSISi), Istanbul, 28 30 June 2007.

July 2007

Several leading members of the Earthquake Engineering NZ business cluster participated in the 10th World Conference of the Anti-Seismic Systems International Society (ASSISi), sponsored by the Turkish Association for Seismic Isolation (TASI) and ASSISi, held in Istanbul late June.

The focus of ASSISi in recent years has been base isolation and damping devices. There were 157 papers presented of which over 100 were on base isolation.

Participants from New Zealand included Alan Wilson, CEO of Robinson Seismic Ltd; David Hopkins of David Hopkins Consulting Ltd (who is also Chairman of the Earthquake Engineering NZ and a Director of the International Association for Earthquake Engineering and the World Seismic Safety Initiative); David Whitaker, Senior Structural Engineer with Beca International Consultants Ltd; and Jason Milburn, Senior Engineer and a Director of Holmes Consulting Group.

The conference provided an opportunity for Robinson Seismic to present their new Roglider base isolation bearing for use with lighter buildings, as designed by Bill Robinson, a founder member of ASSISi. The newly developed Roglider seismic isolator had a high profile and attracted many enquiries.

Appointments included David Whitaker of Beca as New Zealand delegate to ASSISi; and the continuance of Bill Robinson as a director.

David Whitaker presented a paper on base isolation design and Jason Milburn of Holmes Consulting Group outlined base isolation in New Zealand and specifically examples from the capital city Wellington.

Evidence is that Base Isolation has now been internationally accepted with some 5,000 seismically isolated buildings worldwide.


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