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News Release from Robinson Seismic Ltd.

RSL Founder appointed Companion of The Queen's Service Order (QSO)

4 June 2007

Dr Bill Robinson

Dr Bill Robinson, founder and Chief Engineer of Robinson Seismic Limited, has been appointed as a Companion of The Queen's Service Order (QSO) in recognition of his services to engineering. The appointment was announced this morning in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.

In a career spanning more than 30 years Dr Robinson has developed many new techniques and written more than 60 papers in the fields of Antarctic studies (sea ice), ultrasonics (solid state physics), plasticity (metallurgy) and damping devices (seismic isolation). In 1993 he was a co-author of 'An Introduction to Seismic Isolation' by Skinner, Robinson & McVerry, the first book in this new field of engineering.

Dr Robinson became involved with seismic isolation in 1970 when he invented the lead extrusion energy absorber. The Lead Rubber Bearing, the device he is most well known for, was invented in 1974. The Lead Rubber Bearing is now the most widely accepted seismic protection device around the world, and has been installed in more than 3000 buildings and bridges. More recently he has invented two vibration dampers (PVD and RVD), a new seismic isolation system based on a 'friction ball' and of course RSL's newest product - the RoGlider.

In November 1990, Dr Robinson suffered a cerebral haemorrhage paralysing his right side. After intensive physiotherapy and 4 1/2 months in Hutt Hospital he was able to return to work as a engineer.

During his career he has been awarded more than ten awards and honours including the 1999 NZ Royal Society Gold Medal for Technology (now called The Rutherford Medal) and an honorary DSc from Victoria University of Wellington.

Upon the occasion of this honour, Dr Robinson said "I am honoured to receive this award, and recognise and appreciate the support I have had from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research for 25 years during which I made my major contributions to engineering and science. Since 1995 I have been supported by the staff of Robinson Seismic Limited and local and NZ engineers, particularly members of the NZ Earthquake Engineering Business Cluster for which I am grateful. Seismic isolation continues to have a great potential for protecting structures, particularly hospitals, from earthquake damage, and I can look back with satisfaction at the part I have played in this field."

For further information:

Alan Wilson, CEO, Robinson Seismic Ltd
Tel: +64 4 569 7840


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