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1.7 Regional Seismic Hazard Maps - Wellington New Zealand

  • Regional Seismic Hazard MapsDuring the late 1980's and 1990's a comprehensive series of research projects were undertaken to determine and describe seismic hazard in the Wellington region.

  • This included fundamental research into tectonic and fault movement, liquefaction potential, landslip, ground shaking and tsunami.

  • Investigations over the region were analysed to produce separate hazard maps for each hazard.

  • As a final step, a map of "Combined Earthquake Hazard" was produced which used an innovative methodology to provide a graphical representation of the combined effect of Wellington's seismic hazard.

  • The map of combined hazard has been used widely to inform the public, and included simple advice on mitigation of earthquake risk.

  • Much of the research work was done by GNS, while the methodology for the combined map was developed by David Hopkins.


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