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1.5 Wellington Lifelines in Earthquake Project

  • Lifelines in earthquakes A Summary Report on this project is included in the supplementary information submitted with our proposal

  • Over 70 professionals were involved, including seismologists, geotechnical, civil and structural engineers, emergency management personnel, and, importantly, managers of the lifeline agencies in Wellington

  • Five task groups looked at seismic hazards, vulnerability and mitigation priorities for all lifelines.

  • The groups were: Building Services, Civil Services and Gas (including a sub-group on buried pipelines), Electrical and Telecommunication Services, Transportation, and Geology and Geomechanics.

  • David Hopkins was the project director, and other members of our team were involved.

  • The project received acclaim internationally for its successful identification of key issues and involvement of professionals and lifeline managers. Innovations included a simple examination of interdependence of lifelines and times for recovery.

  • The project stimulated interest in the subject and mitigation actions by lifeline agencies.

  • As a result of the project, other lifeline projects were carried out in most other cities in New Zealand.


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