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1.2 Challenge to Construction Industry after Wellington Earthquake

  • The NZ Earthquake Commission, the country's principal insurer of residential property was concerned at the preparedness of the construction industry to meet the demands of reconstruction after a major earthquake in Wellington.

  • In the first part of the project, assessments were made of the resources required to rebuild Wellington. These resources were split into materials, plant and labour. They were then further sub-divided into types such as demands for concrete, reinforcing steel and design professionals. A companion project examined the industry's capacity to meet the increased demand. Concrete Demand

  • This required identification of a scenario earthquake and compilation of assessments of damage to all elements of Wellington's built environment. Damage was related to replacement cost of the assets.

  • Results were presented to a special conference, Wellington After the Quake in 1995.

  • In 1999, the work was extended and the results presented in graphical form to representatives of the construction industry as a challenge for members to be prepared to cope with over three times the normal construction activity.

  • David Hopkins was the principal contributor to this original work.


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